Story of Skuff

The Beginning

Skuff is the brain child of Mira Chai Hyde, a Los Angeles-based leading men’s groomer. In 1988 she started her career at Vidal Sassoon London, where in less than 12 months she became UK's barber of the year. Shortly thereafter, she joined the art directors team. In 1991 upon leaving Sassoon she was the first hair and makeup artist for men’s grooming in London. Throughout the 90's, Mira collaborated with dear friend Alexander McQueen, providing men’s hair and makeup for all his shows, advertising, and Lee himself in London. In 2005 she made the jump to Los Angeles, where she has become one of the top groomers for Hollywood’s male elite.

Her extensive expertise of barbering and grooming has been a fixture in the world of music, fashion, film, and entertainment for the past 30 years. She has worked on the likes of Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, David Beckham, Brad Pitt and Kendrick Lamar. 

Mira's work has been featured on major stage, screen and leading editorials. 

She is truly the godmother of men’s grooming.


1999 London. My friend Phil Poynter told me about a dog that needed rehoming. I went to meet her and fell in love immediately, so I brought her home to Hoxton Square and named her Skuff.

She came with me to Los Angeles in 2005, which we made our permanent home. Skuff loved LA because it never rained, which meant she could play her favourite game outside 24/7, football.

Lee McQueen was her godfather, and Skuff was Hoxton Square’s mascot. I miss her every day, and therefore, this company has been named after her. Long Live Skuff.

Skuff July 17, 1998 London - August 19, 2011 L.A.

Photo of Skuff by Ryan Hattig

The House of Skuff

Mira has now launched The House of Skuff brand and is embarking on her perfect vision of men’s grooming products. Skuff is Mira’s take on what will now be the man’s necessities for his everyday grooming needs, inspired by what has been in her own kit on set to ensure everything is in hand for all hairstyles. This focused collection of products will certainly change the landscape of men’s health and beauty as well as curating the perfect products for our furry friends, which is the namesake of the brand, Skuff.

Every single product has been uniquely PH balanced for human skin and hair. Skuff has also eliminated any synthetic fragrances, using only organic, natural essential oils. All products are calibrated to be not be sticky or greasy, so that you are never left with any undesirable residue. They do not dry tacky on the hands and wash out easily because they are water soluble. It is perfect for grey colored hair as no colors are deposited on to the hair. Even better than that every product is sleep and sex friendly, so they can withstand the longest of nights. Products are even better the next day; add a spritz of water and you are on your way.

Keep in mind Skuff is not singular to one type. We are very proud to say it works on all genders and ethnicities. This may be the first time women begin to steal beauty products from their man.

Mira has gone to great lengths of research to ensure her products are biodegradable. Each tube has uniquely fitted caps that can’t be lost, they stay firmly attached. After 30 years of working in every environment, she wanted to create a packaging that is sanitary and easy to use, and maximizes the product.  

Potion No 1

This unique product spearheaded the desire for the entire House of Skuff product line, a formula like no other available that Mira needed to be able to do her best work in the men’s grooming world space. The potion was created to not feel like or more importantly look like product is in hair while still having that polished finished touch.

A silky all purpose styling cream, Skuff Potion No 1 is a light to medium hold. It can be used with or without a blow dryer to create hold and volume. It will act as a light gel if applied on damp or fully wet hair. It adds volume, texture, defrizzes, polishes, aids in creating curls or in straightening depending on how you style it  while still drying with a natural finish. Potion can be revamped with a simple spritz of water. It's even better the next day.