Skuff Potion No 1

This silky, all-purpose styling cream has a light to medium hold. It can be used on dry or damp hair, with or without a hairdryer.  It will act like a light gel if applied to damp hair and left in place. It can be layered to add more hold for your desired style.  

This unique product spearheads the entire House of Skuff product line, a formula like no other available that Mira needed to be able to do her best work in the men’s grooming world space. The potion was created to not feel like or more importantly look like product is in hair while still having that polished finished touch.

Adds volume, texture, defrizzes, polishes, aids in creating curls and waves or can aid in straightening depending on how you style it and dries with a natural finish.  

Potion No 1 has been uniquely PH balanced for human skin and hair in order to naturally maintain the health of both. Skuff has also eliminated any synthetic fragrance using only organic natural essential oil.

Each tube has uniquely fitted caps that can’t be lost, they stay firmly attached.

Potion 1 can be revamped, restyled, with just a spritz of water.

It's even better the next day.

*Exceptional for all ethnic hair types and in humid weather conditions